Sunday, November 23, 2014

New Era

Sabaidee all our friends and followers

In the past years, we have posted a number of photos to tell many stories both personal and for the community at large.  We received a lot of excellent feedback from many people but we also learned that a few people used some of our photos for negative purposes and distort our meaning.

So far we have attracted nearly 40,000 viewers.  We are in the process of building a website but our blog will still continue.

We hope it's not too early to say and to wish you a very Happy New Year!  

ໂຊກ​ດີ​ປີ​ໃໝ່ 2015!

ຈາກ​ຄຳ​ແສນ ແລະ ໄພ​ວັນ

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