Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My dream has come true !!!

 Khamsene with his secret Birthday Gift.  What would it be?
 A Mercedes Benz CLA 2000 CDI 2014
 Very impressed with his new car - a 60th Birthday gift from his wife.
 The car found its new home.
A test drive to Canberra - stopping @ at the tin shed.
 @ our home sweet home!

                               This is my dream house! Very romantic and historical.

We have reached our destination - Canberra
Phayvanh with her cousin, Madame Khanxay Pholsena, in front of the Ambassador Residence in Canberra.

Relaxing at Tulip Top

 Beautiful tulips at Tulip Top - on the way to Canberra
 Breathtakingly beautiful garden
 Purple tulips
 Pink tulips
 I enjoyed my coffee and yummy carrot cake - in a relaxing mood!
 And colourful flowers
 Phayvanh in front of the giant sheep in Goulburn
We haven't forgotten the giant sheep - it used to stand tall on the street side.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

New Era

Sabaidee all our friends and followers

In the past years, we have posted a number of photos to tell many stories both personal and for the community at large.  We received a lot of excellent feedback from many people but we also learned that a few people used some of our photos for negative purposes and distort our meaning.

So far we have attracted nearly 40,000 viewers.  We are in the process of building a website but our blog will still continue.

We hope it's not too early to say and to wish you a very Happy New Year!  

ໂຊກ​ດີ​ປີ​ໃໝ່ 2015!

ຈາກ​ຄຳ​ແສນ ແລະ ໄພ​ວັນ

Khamsene's dream car

 My Dream Car!
One day my dream will come true!

Winter holidaying at the Blue Mountains

 Winter in the Blue Mountains
 At the holiday house in the Mountains
 Sunrise in the Blue Mountains
 The Three Sisters
 Pink and Blue
 Learning about the Blue Mountains through painting
 Wild flowers
Peaceful spot ...